Health Screening (Well Man & Well Woman)

This is a comprehensive examination of your health status, examining your current physical condition and identifying any potential sources of future difficulties.

If you are already in good health, this is an excellent time to ensure that everything is in good working order and consider methods to improve your overall well-being. Get your health screening today!

Well Man Assessment

A comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment and testicular and prostate checks will be conducted for men. Stress assessment and management and sports health optimisation will be recognised (with appropriate referrals if necessary).

Well Woman Assessment

Regular gynaecological exams, smear tests, mammograms, and bone density assessments (all age-dependent) can be arranged for women. Screening for age-related cancer is also a possibility (e.g. ovarian cancer).

Both of these services are included as part of my Concierge Service.

Health Screening (Well Man & Well Woman)
  • Full blood test screening and report of all results.
  • Full blood test screening and report of all results. Includes a 30 minute consultation with an experienced GP.
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  • Includes full body CT scanning.